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Red Sticker Blog: Questioning NASA's Allegiances

In this post we're going to question the spiritual allegiances of NASA. I'm not one to blindly attack someone about religion, but we have to wonder if these guys really have the best interest of the people at heart. I hope no one here expects me to believe NASA corruption has nothing to do with the New World Order, and mysteries of Babylon. It's evident it does.

In the following image you can see the use of pyramids and inverted pyramids on an article pertaining to alleged Mars missions.

Image credit goes to NASA.

At the time of writing this post, if you click the following link, you will see they only show the top half of the image, showing only pyramids, until you click read more. This pyramid symbolism is popular in the occult agenda.

As we know pyramids are a major role in the occult new world order religion. A pyramid can be seen on the American dollar bill:

The above image credit goes to Wikipedia:,_reverse,_series_2009.jpg

Now we get into nitty-gritty. I didn't know the government had worn Illuminati occult badges, other than the maybe an officer's badge, but they certainly have. They've hidden most of this badge wearing in the space program. For this we have to look at NRO patches. They wear it all. Witches, demons, devils, dragons, wizards, all seeing eyes, pyramids, and pentagrams.

Lovely squid ruling over the world:

Inverted pentagram:

All seeing eyes:



Black Phoenix:

"Melior Diabolous Quem Scies" in the badge above translates to "Better the devil you know."

Devil looking Molech:

All images source to Wikipedia:

Now to prove the validity. We check the NRO's own site.

On the left navigation under NRO launches there are launches for 2012, and 2011.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dalai Lama: Satanic Connection

People think a conspiracy is nutty, and unfathomable. They think NASA being a part of it is nutty. It's not nutty. NASA itself is not creating the New World Order. They are a cog in the wheel that is creating the New World Order. It is a government agency, therefore it cannot be separated from government agenda, or the agenda of whomever is controlling the government at the time. They are influenced by the president, and his controllers. If the presidents of the past half century have been in the new world order league, as they seem to have been, that means NASA for the past 50 years has been under New World Order influence. When there is a world union NASA will be in it, just like every other space agency. You have to dig a little deeper. Take a look at all the masonic lodges world wide, and how masons are involved with a lot of world politics. There are high level Masons at the top of a lot of these organizations, and NASA has not been excluded. Many of the astronauts themselves are masons, sworn to secrecy under masonic oaths. The proof is out there.

To be honest I wouldn't surprised if all astronauts were initiates, and all lead operatives at NASA too.

Skull and Bones, another satanic organization with a number of presidents, including Bush and Kerry running at the same time, is also noteworthy. Willaim Taft, Georgoe Bush J.R, George Bush Sr, and Kerry, may have gone through their Satanic initiation rituals, where they scream something like "Devil equals death" while pretending to murder. You can get a video shot of near recent initiation rituals below.

That's only the tip of the ice burg! You have H.P Blavatsky of Theosophy, and Lucis Trust, once called Lucifer Publishing Company. Alice Baily started Lucis Trust, and was mentored by H.P Blavatsky. Both have very heretical views on theists, and an admiration for Satan on one level or another. These are very popular people in the occult new world order movement. Lucis Trust made a sweep through country which landed it smack dab at United Nations, where they operate on the economic advisors council, and brag of their hold at the UN. They're an NGO. An Accredited Non Governmental Organization. Accredited meaning the UN is well aware of them. These people write the most popular esoteric books, meaning they're known by millions. Not only those in their direct sphere of influence, but also those who share their religious beliefs simply from reading their work, and being subject to other spiritual power at play. Top Esoteric Books in Google Secret Doctrine - HP Blavatsky Magik - Alister Crowly The Key To Theosophy - HP BLavatsky ISIS UNVEILED - HP Blavatsky The Book Of Thoth - Alister Crowley From Intellect to Intuition - Alice Baily Spirit of Masonry - Foster Baily

Here's a quote of Secret Doctrine by H.P Blavatsky:

"of the gods; and proves that the God of the Israelites was such a tribal God, and no more, even though the Christian Church, following the lead of the "chosen" people, is pleased to enforce the worship of that one particular deity, and to anathematize all the others. Whether originally a conscious or an unconscious blunder, nevertheless, it was one. Jehovah has ever been in antiquity only "a god among other Gods," (lxxxii. Psalm). The Lord appears to Abraham, and while saying, "I am the Almighty God," yet adds, "I will establish my covenant to be a God unto thee" (Abraham), and unto his seed after him (Gen. xvii. 7) -- not unto Aryan Europeans."

- She misquotes the bible, as theosophists love to do, while slandering the very God of it. She also makes the absurd claim that Ayran Europeans can come from any other seed than Adam, while stating that just because God is talking to his establishment of a specific people here that he is not God of all. That's like saying just because God said "Look, I'm your God Americans and Canadians." That he isn't also the God of Europe. Sad, and ludicrous how these people understand.

And another: 

"Between the alternative allurements, wise will be that philosopher who will be able to decide where God disappears to make room for the Devil! Therefore when we read that "the Devil is a liar and the father of it," i.e., INCARNATE LIE, and are told in the same breath that Satan -- the Devil -- was a son of God and the most beautiful of his archangels, rather than believe that Father and Son are a gigantic, personified and eternal LIE, we prefer to turn to Pantheism and to Pagan philosophy for information.

Once that the key to Genesis is in our hands, it is the scientific and symbolical Kabala which unveils the secret. The great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the "Lord God" are identical, and so are Jehovah and Cain ONE -- that Cain who is referred to in theology as the "murderer" and the LIAR to God! Jehovah tempts the King of Israel to number the people, and Satan tempts him to do the same in another place. Jehovah turns into the fiery serpents to bite those he is displeased with; and Jehovah informs the brazen serpent that heals them."

- As you can see she is trying to make Satan God. They do not understand the fall, and do not understand how evil is one with good, thus fail to understand the nature of sin, and its separation from God. They think because evil is everywhere it is necessary, or part of an all. To them it is simply the opposite of light. They adhere to the Yin-Yang. The truth is that sin is more like a drop of dye in water. There is still water present, and one day, Jesus promised the dye (sin) would be removed. Not everything is a sin.

These are NOT the kind of people we should want running our countries. They are as dangerous as their beliefs. Still, they're influence is here. They influence Order of the Eastern Star Freemasonry, this information can be found on their own site. Check the following link:

Lucis Trust's official channel says they're at the UN.Listen to how they introduce themselves in the following video:

Think these guys are small fish? Theosophical society hangs out with Dalai Lama, and are responsible for bringing Dalai Lama to the united states on trips. Check the following link in Dalai Lama's official site to see his connection to this Satanic ring:

Bohemien Grove is another interesting subject if you haven't heard about that before. I'll leave that open for now, so feel free to Google it if you want to know more. Just know that famous artists, such as Drake has been known to sport their logo around:

Image credit:

You have to remember that it doesn't take 5 billion of these people to control things. Thousands with an understanding of the spiritual mission could do it. Maybe there are millions. Who knows, right? All we really know is they have been taught by spiritual leaders that the world must become "one".

Sound familiar?

This goes beyond simple understand, but is simple to understand. There are spiritual and political powers at work in the world. Sometimes, hand in hand.

NASA: Look Ma! No Stars!

Okay, I'm starting to get the feeling NASA is one of the biggest government psyop ever perpetrated on mankind. I can't say for certain they haven't been to space, or never launched any rockets, but it sure does look like someone's up to funny business. Don't know what a psyop is? It's when the government runs secret tests on your mind. Wiki it. For now, we're just going to enjoy the starless skies of space.

No stars!

No stars!

No stars!


No stars!

No stars! Wait a minute! Is his visor up? And the world is lit, right? So the sun is up!? What an idiot! Or am I an idiot for wondering why his eyes aren't burning out of his head? Lets see how hot it is facing the sun. 121 degrees celsius according to NASA:

No stars! Like it matters. Looks like the word's in for a super storm, anyway.

No stars on the moon either!

No stars!

No stars! Odd lighting for Apollo 11, considering they never took any with them.

No stars!

No stars! Glad to see the top of the earth is lit. Anyone know where the sun is?

No stars! So, that's how they kept the flag straight on Apollo. They put a stick in it. And you morans thought there was some kind of conspiracy going on.

Oh! There's some stars! Thanks for turning on the lights NASA. Has anyone seen that green reflective glow over the earth before? Must be something God implemented post 2000.


Apparently stars don't mind the sun, either. They like the sun and the green forcefield! If that's even the sun. Looks more like an oblong spheroid!

Hey, there's some stars in this one too. Check out the neat lens flares in the lower right! I mean super close star like things. They're part of the little dipper, right? Nibiru fans are probably going nuts down there, eh? Oh, and can you spot the nuclear meltdown right of the space nozzle?

More sun time stars! I could swear that's a lens flare. What are you guys building down there!? Anyone know what those purple buildings are for? They're probably the atomic green houses.

Here comes the storm troopers!

Are these guys pretending to pretend to do the real thing before they pretend to do the real thing for real?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Flat Earth: Psyop Warning

Readers know I've been exploring the flat earth theory. After searching this for hours I came into some information, as well as saw some clear signs myself, that part of the flat earth movement could be a psyop. There are people who believe that the earth is flat, don't get me wrong, and they're entitled to explore for truth. The flat earth theory was around before Copernicus, who helped revolutionize the globe theory, and yes there were people who debated him on it. People thought Newton was nuts for coming up with gravity, and argued density was the cause of any fall. This true flat earth argument gives the psyop some ground to stand on.

Recently some mainstream artists have come into the debate. This is something that is making me question the validity of the movement. After all, there are many mainstream artists that seem to be involved with masonic secret society  movements. Will I Am doing a trip to CERN, Jay-z with his Alister Crowley t-shirt throwing up the pyramid, and Marilyn Manson burning bibles of stage with his church of Satan connections. It's obvious their is corruption in the mainstream, some of them may very well be a part of the secret society corruption, and in my mind are. I would personally say they are, and not bite my tongue on some, but we are still libel without conclusive proof.

Two mainstream proponents of the flat earth movement in the mainstream are rapper B.O.B and singer Tila Tequila. I have to question if they can be trusted, and I have seen things that threw up red flags in my mind. If you asked me personally, I would say no, don't trust them always. I personally think they are very much involved on some level with what's going on.

Tila Tequila

Supplied from:

Quite Frankly Tila is not the truth, and I have warned about her in another post. In the above picture she is glorifying Nazis. She has taught her fans teachings right in line with something straight out of the white brotherhood, and other initiate circles. Read the entire article at the following link if you'd like:


Supplied from Wiki:

B.O.B is signed by Atlantic. Just yesterday he was using then United Nations logo as his Twitter logo, of all things, while exposing the so called Flat Earth. The issue I have with this is that the United Nations logo is NOT free to use. You have to get explicit written permission, and I could not see his record label, the same label allowing him to blatantly commit this Copyright infringement on his Twitter, and public persona. Atlantic also signed James Blunt, Bruno Mars, Bow Wow, Coldplay, and many others. They're no small time label. B.O.B is in a live "battle" or debate with astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse. These TV spats are easy to coordinate, and aren't hard to fabricate and perpetuate to the public.

There ARE some symbologies in his videos that he has used that look like masonic fraternal works, which could stand as a warning to viewers. It doesn't hurt to mention them:

Notice the black and white chequered floor? I would not be surprised if this IS a masonic lodge, or a building masons have their hand in, but I'm not sure. Right afterwards there is a pyramid reference where he puts up a pyramid hand signal. Is he only talking about pyramids, or is this in some way a wink and nod?

Images showing possible correlation.

Another good point is their content:
(Language Warning)

Notice the all seeing eye in the flying saucer to the right of Niki Minaj?

The video paints an image that is the main point to the psyop, as I heard. Notice B.O.B could be mistaken for painting this image of truthers: "Bi-polar, needs meds, and out of his mind." Niki on the other hand, well I'm not sure what her role is to be honest. The floozy? These are not good voices for a movement that wants to prize itself on truth.

Here's how it could, theoretically, tie into a flat earth psyop:

What happens if the earth is not flat, and the government has everyone arguing about it? This would be a perfect tool against the truth movement to cause division, and dumb it down. It's gives them the ability to say "Look, these people are flat brainers, they can't think logically, and certainly can't be trusted on anything." It also gives them the perfect tool to dumb down the masses. What better way  to make people revert down to slave mentality then to have them argue about something stupid that can't be proven? All of a sudden there is no concept of gravity, science, and people look no farther, because in their minds it's not real. You have groups going back to the stone ages and studying density over the proponent of gravity. This is of course, if the earth is round.

Why doesn't the flat earth modal work in a scientific sense? People say you can see star trails around Polaris in the north, and Sigma in the south. They are the pole stars. On the equator you can see star trails to the north and south, according to sources. One set circles clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. This seems most logical on a globe. On the flat map you have Australia, Africa, and South America all off in different directions. South on each is a completely different direction. How could you see star trails circling Sigma on all three while looking south?

After all a lot of work has been put into the globe. The numbers seem to work. Google earth shows almost everything when you press control+l, including the equator, and lines of latitude and longitude. How can such scientific number crunching be wrong, right? (That is if the globe model is not designed to simply work, of course. We have to assume the minds that made computers are smarter than ours, no big deal to make a system that just works. All you need to know is the size of the balls, the rings they follow in orbit, and any genius can calculate our day and year to it.)

Here's where it gets confusing. Does NASA fake footage. Yes, it's obvious. They fake earth's rotation footage, they give us numerous different looking CG globes, the moon landings use harnesses, and it's getting to look unlikely they've ever even been in space. All you have to do is look at the evidence. It's stacked overwhelmingly against them at times.

The following image is from Galileo, showing earth's spin and moon orbit over 15 frames. Looks like they need to work on their CG. Clouds don't move, and the moon isn't spinning.

Here's a shot from the moon!

Here's another!


And one more!

Wow, these guys are good. Looks like the earth is coming in for a close call.

And Earth's rotation caught by Galileo over a 25 hour period. 25 Hours and not a single cloud changes!

So the question is Why? This is 2016. They shouldn't have satellite data to make composites out of, and weird images from the 60's. By all means, with today's technology, there should be 100's if not thousands of straight up pictures from satellites. We should have 1080p full HD movie clips of the earth spinning in real time. Not crummy freeze frame animations. There should be no excuses. If we can strap a camera to a balloon why can't they just get one of their $70,000 video recordings to take some movies of the earth? I heard it said we should have a cable channel dedicated to earth's spin since we have all this technology, but yet we're still fed 90% garbage.

There are only a few explanations. We'll entertain the logical one first:

NASA is a government agency corrupted by the new world order initiates. They can't do space travel because it's impossible. The earth spins 1000 miles an hour, it orbits the sun over 5 million miles in a year, and the moon they say they landed on is spinning around us at a speed of over 2000 miles an hour. Average bullets travel at 1700/mph. They would have to learn to fly in near weightless space while controlling a ship being pulled in every other direction by all gravitational forces, and land on things going really fast, while dodging space debris that flies at light speeds. Can you even get to an object that's moving 2000 miles an hour? Also they want us to believe they can make a sun probe that can sail in million mile an hour sun winds, and stand a temperature of 1 million degrees celsius while they probe the sun's corona? Maybe they just can't do it. Either that, or they can do some space work, and fabricate others. In this theory a good bit of the money is getting funnelled into other government organizations, the pentagons mystery trillion dollar budget, and other government new world order plans. It wouldn't be hard to hide. You have the side of NASA they will show anyone, and any president, and then you have the paper work the initiates hide under the desk when ever they need to.  If an outside president is elected they halt operations, and only work on what they can through inner circles.

This next one is for the flat earthers. Yes, some exist outside a psyop, don't let anyone tell you flat earth is a psyop as the debate as been around forever. I'm not saying there is no psyop, just not the entire thing is one.

Here goes:

NASA can't fly in space and the earth is not what they say, or they have seen it from space, and refuse to show us the truth. The sky is a phenomenon that we can't explain. In this kind of flat earth model anything could go. The sky is an act of God that we cannot easily map. In this model you can see Sigma looking south from Australia, Africa, and South America, even though these countries look off in complete different directions. The sky is not as it seems, and neither is the world.

That's the culmination of my research. I'm sure you guys aren't much less confused than I am, but that's all there is to it. Hard to say if any of us will ever know the truth without going to space ourselves. One thing I would like readers to take away from this post is that we should never let this divide us from what we have verified without a shadow of a doubt. Many artists are corrupt, the government is corrupted in many places, and the power elites in many secret societies cannot be trusted.

Make of it what you will.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Geocentric: Astronomical Evidence

This might be a stretch, as I'm no astronomer, but we're going to look at some simple ideas to entertain the mind. First we're going to consider the constellations. They don't change much over time. I'm pretty sure we see the same stars in the sky year round, except maybe a few constellations change in visibility. This seems illogical to me in a heliocentric model, so we'll explore the idea.

Check out Eric Dubay's video on star trails. Star trails are a phenomenon that show how stars rotate around the north star, or Polaris, in the northern hemisphere. For those not world savvy that's visible by everyone in the top half of the world. Canada and America for instance would see this just fine in their night's sky. All it takes is a little stop motion animation with a decent camera.

Notice how the video puts this nicely. Polaris is about stationary to our pole and the stars circle around it.

Here's where the logic gets tricky. According to modern science, and likely our good folks at NASA, our earth is doing some pretty amazing things. It's spinning in a circle at 1000/mph. They claim that it's tilted, and wobbling. That's not all though. We're also travelling around the sun in orbit. This is no twenty minute hike for our world. It's a whopping 5,000,000 miles! We're also moving at lighting speeds. 18 miles per second. That's incredible. Simply incredible!

If tiled, spinning, wobbling, and moving 5,000,000 miles around the sun, how is that we see the same stars in the night's sky unmoved? How is it every night they do the same circle around Polaris? Why is the big dipper still the big dipper in the first 5,000 miles, and not the little soup pan by the 4 millionth mile? Tell me if I'm wrong, but that doesn't sound possible. They also tell us the entire system is shaking about, like food in a blender. Why don't we detect the movement in star light? If it was merely distance you would think we would see previous shakes, like flashlights being moved about in the sky.

That's science. They say we're moving a lot of billions of millions of billions, but how so? How on earth do the stars continue to circle Polaris, and how on earth do we not get skewed angels of vision on our constellations? I hope this science is more logical than evolution, and no I don't believe in evolution. If not, our books are in for some major changes.

Here's an article from good ol' NASA.

"The person who discovered that the stars move was the great British astronomer Edmond Halley, who also has a famous comet named after him. Almost 300 years ago he noticed that a few stars in charts made by Greek sky watchers were not in quite the same location anymore. Those charts were more than 1600 years old then, and even over that time, the bright stars Sirius, Arcturus, and Aldebaran had shifted position only slightly."

How do we know that it's not just the stars that have moved? Also movement was observed in different ways in different time periods. In 100 AD Ptolemy, another Greek astronomer, believed the sun and stars were moving. Even people today consider this geocentric model as viable, claiming observation has proved science wrong.

Here's another quote from the NASA article:

"Besides their motion, the appearances of stars change as they age. Take my favorite constellation Scorpius, for example. A couple of years ago, the middle of the three stars that make the head of the scorpion became brighter. The constellation now has a new look!"

I wonder if they notice these observations, but because they have built on bad science, they think the outcomes are of different causes than actually caused them. Being a Christian gives me a different view of the world, allowing for God controlled change, but of course this will not work in everyone's view.

Really, can we trust NASA? Can we trust an organization that taught us everything there is to know about the sun years before they ever went there? They still haven't gone yet by the way. Can we trust them to tell us the truth about Solar Probe Plus? I would really love to hear more about this magic fuel supply for a 186 million mile journey to the sun, how they plan on getting there unhindered, and maybe their magic 186 million mile internet data relay system, and of course the magic paint they're going to use to keep it from burning up in the million degree Celsius temperatures. That's not to mention the slick sailing their going to have to do to get through the supposed million mile an hour winds they claim whip around the celestial star. I'm glad I'm not sailing a boat at sea in those winds, I'd end up torn to splinters and likely somewhere in Hong Kong. Trust me the rough winter seas are enough to turn you around in the Bay of  Funday. 40-50/mph is enough. A million and your over the horizon.

Occult NASA

This is an interesting video. I'm not sure what I make of the idea of project blue beam, or if I even believe in it, but this has interesting information on NASA and their occult ties. Readers might be surprise about how little they know about the space agency and the spirit behind it. Lets not forget the number of  high level masons involved.

You might want to wonder why the government wants you to believe in aliens.

And Horten IV, and old pro-type from Germany.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Flat Earth: Evidence and Theory

I've been experimenting with the flat earth theory. This is something I'm doing as a hobby, and don't want anyone to think it's something I prescribe to, but even now, after writing this, I must admit that I am almost ready to accept it. Full heartedly. At the end you may see why. This has been an amazing journey. If I'm wrong I'd like someone to explain this to me, and I will gladly withdraw my position.

The above map is interesting. It's said to have been published by Buffalo Electrotype and Engraving Co, Buffalo N.Y, U.S.A. It depicts the world as being flat and encircled by a ring of ice. The ring of ice is common in the flat earth theory, but we'll get to that later. Lets explore the map a little more. The following is a Google search of the company.

I'll be honest. There's not much to go on, but it's not a complete dead lead. Sadly, most of the links are referring to this map, such as this government link from Library of Congress, in the United States.


"Gleason, Alex. Is the Bible from heaven? Is the earth a globe? 2d ed., rev. and enl. Buffalo, N.Y., Buffalo Electrotype and Engraving Co. [1893] xix, 402 p. illus., map, col. plates, ports. 

If fact that entire page is dedicated to flat earth. Too bad there isn't more information on the map. Not finding anything on the company means it either didn't exist, or it did not get very big. We won't let that discourage us. This is going to get plenty of interesting. Believe me.

You might find it interesting that the UN's own flag is also this flat earth model.

Why? An inside joke? Or do they have something to hide? Well, if you're interested in this already, you're going to learn a lot from the following montage. We'll cover the science first, and then we'll get into the theory. Some of you might be thinking, science, are you kidding!? There's still science for the flat earth? You might be surprised to learn that there has never NOT been science for the flat earth. Thousands of years ago most everyone believed the earth was flat, it was not until modern science, and pre-modern science (in a time period when it could not be proved) that the earth was turned into a globe. We'll cover it all over the next few minutes.

Fair warning: The videos are long, but most of the best info is in the first 40 minutes of each.

US Navy Missile Instructor Confirms Flat Earth

In the video above a US Navy Missile Instructor admits that he's been considering the flat earth theory. He also suggest that curvature, as per our current science, is proved false by a 2 inch beam reaching targets at 50 miles, and a 2 degree pencil beam at that. He also mentions seeing ships at 27 nautical miles while being told in training the horizon is at 15.

Career Commercial Land Surveyor: No Curvature Calculated

Very interesting video. Surveyors are taught to work from a flat plane. They never take into account the curvature according to this video. The surveyor said he never noticed it, but then he thought about large cities. Eventually these chessboards of flat planes bumping up against each other would have to take into account the curvature. Consider an entire city built by surveyors going on their lessons of working from a flat plane. Doesn't make sense in a curved world, right?

 US Navy Chief: What Curvature?

The surface of the water, according to mainstream science, follows the curve of the globe. This Navy chief suggests curvature is not accounted for. He also suggests pilots flying large distances also do not adjust for the curvature.

Retired US Air Force Navigator

The above video contains an individual that is well decorated, including a masters in space. He makes the claim that the horizon must recede on a globe, but this has never been observed in his work.

Astrophysicist Shuns Flat Earth

The above video is hilarious. An astrophysicists shuns a flat earth query and gives perfect slope for explanation of curvature.

I'd like to say this is the tip of the ice berg (this will become a pun not too long from now.) There are many professionals out there that are now coming out about believing in a flat earth. We'll carry on though. Lets get into the interesting stuff. From here on out information will be part truth, and part theory. I have to give my usual warning. There is some religion involved with areas of the flat earth community. I do not subscribe, nor do I suggest anyone else subscribe, to anything outside Christianity. Please be careful in this sense.

Time Lapse Of World

The above video suggests that NASA has been faking time lapses of the world. Consider the second one shown where clouds do not even move.

Masonic Sun Worshippers 

The above video covers masonic astronauts, and the masonic scientists involved in the globe system.

Manic Art Proves Flat Earth

The above video suggests the oldest, and farthest reaching fraternity, is well aware of the flat earth. At the highest levels of course. Remember these guys have a temple in every town and city from here to Jerusalem, where they have set up right beside temple mount.

What's the key to the edges? Antarctica. It's a ring of ice around the world! People like to point out that all Antarctica images from satellite are composites, and that there are no real space images of Antarctica. Some people consider the idea that they may be hiding Antarctica for other reasons.

The following image is a picture of Antarctica treaty meeting area. Some say the entire building is designed after the truth, and the blue surrounding the earth is a depiction of the ice walls. After finding truth about Antarctica the government formed NASA, and both Russia and America did high altitude nuclear bomb tests called "Operation Fish Bowl." Interesting naming convention.

Now we get into the idea of how they keep us from the truth of our earth, should of course this conspiracy be the truth. The obvious is indoctrination. They teach us as kids that the earth is round. They use fake NASA footage, and avoid areas such as Antarctica altogether, and well, they control the flow of traffic.

The image above shows shipping lanes. On a flat earth model one would say they are all intercontinental, and no one is going above, or below, a certain point.

The image above is flight paths from satellite imaging. Notice the same thing. On a flat earth model the flights are all intercontinental. No one is flying above a certain point, and no one is flying below.

Now here is where I'm going to blow your mind with my own personal research,  as if the other stuff I've showed you shouldn't have do so already.

Check these images out again.

The above image is on an article dated 2014.

The above image is dated 2009.

It's interesting that satellite images render ice, that is really no bigger than the width of America, as something that stretches the entire length of the world. Is it possible this is because it's on the bottom of a sphere? Or is it because that massive chunk of ice stretches as far as the eye can see?

The above map is dated 1652. This is about 109 years after Copernicus introduced the heliocentric model. Take note of where Antarctica would be in current maps. In its place is a land named Magalantic, and it stretches the length of the bottom of the world. Some people say Magalantic was a mythical land of the old times.

Here's another old map dated 1570. This on the other hand is a mere 27 years after Copernicus introduced the heliocentric model. Notice nothing changed about the massive lower land mass but the name. Back then they were contemplating Australis.

Now the mind blowing part of this entire thing. This is provided from NASA itself.

"Composite map of the world assembled from data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite in April and October 2012. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC"

See what I see? A wall of ice above, a wall of ice below. Strange considering the data is from April to October. These are spring to fall months in the north. It's the same depictions printed from satellite as all the old maps. Also look at the sheer amount of ice they are showing for the north pole. Shouldn't this be tiny? Not world wide.

Here's another.

Notice again this image shows the ice walls at both ends of the earth. See the globe in the bottom left? Now look at the top of the world. The north is already rounded, but the satellite is showing much more ice, in fact, another world wide stretch.
Here's another.

And another.

The north is only small on Google earth.

How about flights at the bottom of the world?

None. Is it because it's too long of a haul? Maybe it's a safety issue, or all the major land masses are more accessible through northern routes or near the equator. If not, maybe it's because the bottom of the world really the edge of the world.

Above is an image from ISS (Internation Space Station) control. See how the screen calmly shows its workers the massive ice north and south?

Above is Russian control. It also shows the same ice.

If I'm not scientifically wrong about this ice wall, remember how they kept it a secret.

The flow of traffic, and some would say, and the end of  a gun.