Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chatted With Jesus Shill


I have to make a notice on this post because there is erroneous information. I should have dug a little deeper. You can indeed have two YouTube accounts with the same name. I'm sorry for making the mistake. It doesn't excuse, or include, the account from any other shilly behavior. We can only keep an eye on it, and the endeavors of the account holder.


Well, if a shill could take the cake, this one surely does. I chatted with YouTube's Jesus Christ shill, and I mean that quite literally. If of course my assumption is right. I was browsing a video and up pops Jesus Christ to mock Christians and other people. Some might think it's a coincidence. There's a problem with that theory: The mathematics.

There's 1 Billion members on YouTube. This account has 5 subscribers, and one video. It's first G Plus post is clocked around 2 years ago.

The math doesn't work, There was nearly a billion members in 2014. Someone would have taken the name Jesus Christ a  LOOONG time ago. Some Christian, or some other dummy... but not someone to go on in recent times to post Illuminati propaganda. Like I said, who do you work for, how much do they pay you, and who's account did they close to set you up?

Here's my two guesses. Someone, somewhere in the world is going on about how their account was closed down... Or the account has a different username, and YouTube is specifically interpolating what they want for a screen name.

His only video?

Real Sign Of Illuminati! the Illuminati is Real!

Lets watch:

There you have it. Proof hidden in plain sight. With a twist of mockery. Just like they do.