Saturday, December 31, 2016

Science - Dumb As a Boot

Above is our favorite BBC footage. The one where Brian Cox tells us falling objects are not falling, but rather, they are standing still.

The video below is a rocket launch, that may just bring the entire theory into question. Notice when the bottom is jettisoned the smaller piece vanishes in seconds, while the bigger piece lingers for a long while.

In the video below Brian Cox tells us about electrons.

Electrons in our hand are responsible for not allowing an apple to go through our hand. Right, the video is older, but one minute gravity pulled objects down, the next minute objects are not pulling down, but rather they are standing still. Standing still, despite falling. They can't make up their minds.

What are they going to teach us about electrons now? Obviously electrons are no longer needed to keep non-falling density from going through our solid flesh.

Above is how gravity works. Well, used to work. Now when you jump you wont be falling back to earth. Not according to Brian Cox, anyway. NASA is there too, with him. Yes, now when NASA launches a ship, it's engines are no longer propelling it away from the earth, the earth orbiting away gives it the graceful look of flying. They'll wait for the moon to orbit around and land under their non-falling craft.

"Did you hear that chirp, 1/100 of a second ago?"
 "Yes, why I yes I did. That son, is the sound of two converging black holes over 2 million years ago, over 9 gazillion km away. It all happened on June 15th, about mid-day. Why, I do believe it was raining that day. I can tell by the pitch and frequency. I also believe ice is forming on Mars. Yes, most certainly ice, on the northern pole." 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Firmament - Waters From The Waters

Brian Mullin has some pretty interesting thoughts in the video above. It made me wonder, and It clicks with some prior discoveries. I'm not endorsing it all, but the water bit is extremely interesting.

In the video above you will hear the first splash around 4 seconds, the springy thing is reacting to the pass through. Then there is a popping noise. This is nowhere near the end. There are several times I noticed bubbles. Also just after 16 seconds there is a watery shimmer of light. Then amazingly, at 2:16 the springy thing reacts to the pass through again. Back to earth. Soon after we get the loud water, as if we are falling through a fish tank. After this, the wind, as we pass back into the atmosphere.

That  bubble at 12 seconds passes right up the screen.

That 16 second bubble passes down to the right.

The video above is cool. Very professional quality. Just after 2:45 we hear the first faint splash. At close to 4:55 we have a very loud splash on return.

The video above is really cool. After about 40 seconds we pass through a sea of water. Sadly it's official videos from space, so the whole thing is hard to trust. The entry is cut short. GoPro's launch does the same thing. As if some are being very selective with footage. Notice at 1:42 a small piece falls away faster than the bottom of the rocket. It's long gone. Kind of makes BBCs feather footage with NASA suspect.

The video above is the best. I saved it for last. The whole time they call this "splash down." Notice we are above the clouds. In a couple of seconds you will experience the waters being passed through. It's a literal breaking of something, and then a shower. NASA tries to hide the truth. "We are back on earth." They are most certainly still above the clouds.

Now, something very interesting to think about.

Genisis 1:7
7God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so.

Meet Auguste Piccard

Globe Defying Rivers - Revisited

The Nile, a beautiful, and strange river. Okay, it might not be strange, but it's certainly strange to think about, when contemplating the globe of the earth.

It flows north through Tanzania, Lake Victoria, Uganda and South Sudan.
- Wikipedia

It's a north flowing river, which stretches nearly the expanse of the entire continent. Since Africa is so large, it has heavy exposure to Earth's curvature. More than northern Canada to South America.

Think about being a few inches from the bottom of a giant sphere, and walking towards the top. If you did not have gravity at the center point, you would fall off. Suction cups would be needed to continue.

Gravity at center point is also what we actually have in our universe. This is the explanation of why people on the bottom of earth do not fall off. Gravity is at the core of the planet, and down is always the center. This is smart, but when we look at how a globe really is, and how it must function, we see this does not really solve our river problem.

Water level is just that, water level. Raise land up from it, and we have earth. Different amounts of earth above the water creates hills, and height. Sure, center point gravity would hold us, and the water to the earth, but what dictates up and down? Would water still be able to run up the curve with center point gravity? Logically we would have to think, no. Gravity pulls the water to the center of the sphere, but nothing short of a pump is going to pull it up towards the north pole.

Lets look at some images:

This is Africa laid on its side. We are near the base of the Nile, and can see clearly that it MUST run up curvature. Is our center point of gravity the truth, or a bandaid?

Even zoomed in the curvature is there. It cannot be denied. Why? Because that is the nature of a sphere. No curvature, no sphere. Also note the globe is not turned upright here.

We do see, by running the mouse over the land region of the Nile that land lowers to sea level there, with some strange fluctuating numbers. We'll call that a software problem, or strange mouse placement, else water really is running up hill.

What does make sense is if Africa was on a flat plane, and that portion was lower, or bent down a little. Like less putty used on that portion, and it were bent a bit. No curvature, just water running down hill.

Wiki's satellite map is interesting. It's a "composite image", so either drawn, or stitched from satellite data. It does not support a sphere, as is, but it certainly does support a kind of land mass as proposed. The problem is, composite. It could mean anything from stitched satellite data, to drawn by hand with a satellite's perspective in mind.

Here is my best remake from Google Earth. Not quite similar, and very hard to base anything off.

That was fun, now lets get stark raving sober, and contemplate a "logical" explanation based on current scientific modal. If all the land in Africa was high above sea level, and that area slowly tapered down, with gravity at center, would that defy the curvature, with north pole upward?

I'm no flat earther, and certainly not a physicist. I simply look for theories, and ways to break the globe. I don't want anyone deceived by information I bring forth, so feel free to explore and study as I do.

Above is a bit of a bonus video. I don't subscribe to religious claims beyond simple Christianity, so I can't stand behind any pseudo catholic ideas. I also haven't decided if the guy above is genuine, deceived, or committed to shilling of any kind. It has been warned about in flat earth, due to some of the activity in mainstream, but considering all the angles of shillery separating wheat from chaff  is difficult.

Here is another GoPro launch with slightly different results. They claim to reach 120,000km. Interesting.

Here is a mere 10,000km in Google Earth. Google earth makes no claim to its accuracy, but as we can see nearly the entire planet is visible, as apposed to GoPro's single land mass.

I'll explore this more. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nile - Globe Defying Rivers

The Nile river is a massive north running river. It's huge. Wiki tells us that it runs from Tanzania all the way up to Egypt. The problem Eric Dubay (God save his soul) suggests is that this defies a globe. The northern part of Africa is on one side of the curvature, and the southern side is below the other side of the curvature.

This is the logical tilt needed, heeding no scientific explanation to get the Nile, and Africa upside down, to have it all running in that direction. The problem is, this is NOT the way the world is. The south pole, would melt, and trade places with Australia.

The image above accurately depicts the way the world is. There's no way around it. The Nile defies curvature.

It's gotta be the moon. They told us the moon controls tides, right? Nope, sorry. The logical explanation is not the moon. After all, rivers have to run day and night, from source to source. What is the logical explanation? Give up? Location on a globe, due to gravity, does not control where land is tilted. Well, this sounds nice to laymen. However, we just looked at a map and proved the Nile spans the curve.

Want to make things a little more confusing? America has MANY south running rivers, South America south running rivers, and Canada many north running rivers.

Does this disprove a globe? No, of course not, but it does make my head hurt. At best it disproves logic, and proves we don't live in a Godless world, where God himself is void of controlling some things all on his own.

Any logical answers would be greatly appreciated. Not to say God isn't logic, of course.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Electron Neutrinos - Journey Into The Earth

When searching the EMU(Electro Magnetic Universe) I found some interesting information. I don't subscribe to this theory as a complete, or conclusive modal, but it is interesting. It's fun to look through, considering some of the flaws we see in our current understanding. I was faced with this question, and decided to research.

Note - This is only one of many opposing ideas, and only one experiment.

 Breaking The EMU
  1.   According to the Electric Universe Model, Neutrinos have not been found; but we have been detecting them for years and they match the predictive models perfectly. The Electric Universe Model fails this test. - Comment by Aristotle Stagirus.
Lets start our research by getting a basic grasp on what the heck a neutrino is.
The majority of neutrinos in the vicinity of the Earth are from nuclear reactions in the Sun. About 65 billion (6.5×1010) solar neutrinos per second pass through every square centimeter perpendicular to the direction of the Sun in the region of the Earth.[11][12]

They come from the sun. Another source states over a trillion will pass through a human in their lifetime.

A whopping tens of thousands of neutrinos are passing through your body every second.

There are about 330 million of these neutrinos per m3

Wow, you wouldn't think you would have to try looking very hard to find one of those.

The first experiment to attempt to detect electron neutrinos from the sun was conducted by a detector in the bottom of the Homestake mine in South Dakoda in 1968.

Strange place to look for neutrinos. I mean, if there are billions on the surface of the earth, and this is the FIRST time you were looking for them, you wouldn't think you would start underground. Ah, who cares, right? That's as good as place as any.

Homestake Expirment

Detect neutrinos from the sun for the first time several miles underground.

Propose Argon-37 recipe

  1.  perchloroethylene, common dry cleaning fluid,  is poured into a tub of some kind. This is needed as it's high in chlorine and chlorine-37 is needed.
  2. Our magic neutrino particle will interact with the chlorine-37 atom to transform into a radioactive argon-37. 
  3. We'll know for sure our magic particle exists because the neutron creates it with chlorine-37 in our dry cleaning fluid.
  4. Use helium every several weeks to collect the argon-37.
In case anyone cares here's the proof chlorine-37 is present:

 Wait. In order to trust the experiment, we have to assume the elusive million/mph electron neutrino exists, and should see if argon-37 can be found anywhere else.

Radioactive 37Ar is a synthetic radionuclide that is created from the neutron capture by 40Ca followed by an alpha particle emission as a result of subsurface nuclear explosions.

Apparently we can form recipe #2 from our newly deducted information.

Argon Recipe #2
  1. A common neutron interacts with Calcium-40.
  2. We then interact with an alpha particle emission. 
Alpha particles consist of two protons and two neutrons bound together into a particle identical to a helium nucleus.


Wait a minute. Isn't helium used in the tanks every two weeks, to allegedly collect the produced Argon-37?

What about Calcium-40 what creates that?

Potassium-40 is a rare example of an isotope that undergoes all three types of beta decay. About 89.28% of the time, it decays to calcium-40.

Interesting Potassium-40.

  • Up 0.012% (120 ppm) of the total amount of potassium found in nature. 
  • Humans exert pottasium-40 as one of our most abundant radioactive waste products. Nearly every time we breath it contains pottasium-40. 
  • Pottasium-40 is found in common rocks.

They were trying to prove a particle existed by using a liquid combination with helium, which would have created argon-37 from any human contamination! 

 Human contamination possibilities during construction.

Swimming in the water shield.

Swimming in eductors.


We can trust their "first time" experiment to find these abundant sun particles deep underground, or consider the fact that every chemical they chose, and the conditions they were in, was conveniently creating the argon-37 they needed to prove their particle the whole time.

Black Hole Hoax

There it is. A black hole. Never mind the zoom clip in the upper right corner not looking anything like our observations in the center of the image. Look at the center of the image. Right there, in the middle. That's it. A black hole. Lay off man! It's a black hole. NASA says so, so it's true.

That there is magical, isn't it? Those two black holes, beautiful, and magnificent, converged over 200 million years ago, over a gazillion km away. They collided and caused a ripple in "space time." I'm serious. They fired two lasers down a 40km tube at mirrors, and their instrument chirped a 3% of a second chirp and they figured it all out. Lay of man, NASA says so, so it's true.

"A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out."

That's an artist rendition of a black hole caused by a star that caved in. That's right, a big burning ball of fuel, can suck into a non existent hole, and created a gravity point so strong that the star's light can't even escape the point.

"The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space."

Okay, so lets just forget about energy not being able to be created or destroyed. That concept flies out the window when you're in outer space, creating black holes.

That's a picture of the center of our galaxy, where a a large black hole named Sagittarius A* is. You wouldn't even know it was there, if NASA didn't tell you.

 It's right there in the center of the Milky Way. You would be able to see it if it wasn't invisible.

"Black holes can be big or small. Scientists think the smallest black holes are as small as just one atom."

Good to know NASA.

"The sun will never turn into a black hole. The sun is not a big enough star to make a black hole."


Ladies and gentleman. NASA is hiring. No education required.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

LIGO - Lie-Go

This video goes over the absurd lie being perpetrated by the scientific community.  They claim .03 seconds worth of data, gathered by shooting two beams down a hall at mirrors, unaware of the outside world, relates to two black holes that converged over a million years ago, over 9,460,730,472,580,800,000,000 Kilometers away. It's ridiculous.

If I came up to you with a wave drawing, and said, I set up a pencil on the end of a spring loaded vibration detector, and this vibration proves 200 million years ago two dying stars converged, and created a ripple in space time, wouldn't you call me a liar? Don't be afraid to do the same if the science makes just as ludicrous of claims.

The video above goes over what he feels is the absurdity of space time. I certainly can't endorse a majority of his videos, because of their non-christian nature, but this one makes sense to me, and I find it entertaining.

Science - The Stupidity of Gravitational Waves

These geniuses are trying to prove a theory that can't be proved, and one that has no basis in existence.

We covered this in a lot of detail in our last post.

Listen carefully to what he insinuates "The objects are not falling, they are standing still."

This is what science would have us believe, instead of what we observe? Falling objects are standing still.

If they are not falling why do they hit the ground? Consider how the earth's orbit would effect this. If the earth was on downward orbit, falling away from the sun, the objects should never touch the ground.

Thanks science. For the last oh, I don't know, 300 years, you were teaching us objects were falling because of gravity, and now, thanks to BBC, in 2016, you can teach us that because of gravity, objects are standing still! We still love you.

They must salivate with duper's delight.

I'm not sure about the full content of the video above, but the intro makes good points.

Enstien basically said space is a flat cloth, where objects sit, creating indentations in space time.

Place another ball on the cloth, and see what it does to Einstein's theory.

One could say gravitational forces pulling objects away from each other, each time they orbit, causes them to perpetually pull themselves back up the dip. This seems logical, but at the same time, must be impossible.


If the image above was a real image of space we notice there are billions of objects, all at different heights. Space could not be a cloth with objects sitting on it. It would have to be millions, and billions of cloths, all with objects at different heights, similar heights, and the same height as other objects. How could all these indentations from bodies in space not interfere with each other?

We mentioned the detection of gravitational waves before. Lets go over it one more time, with new information.

"the scientists listened for 20 thousandths of a second"
"the two objects had begun by circling each other 30 times a second"
"By the end of the 20 millisecond snatch of data, the two had accelerated to 250 times a second before the final collision..."

That's right, in less than .03 seconds, 9,460,730,472,580,800,000,000 Kilometers away they knew their wave was two black holes 35 times the mass of the sun. They knew how many times they circled each other, and exactly how fast. They didn't even need binoculars! We'll teach you how they figured it out.

What they want us to believe is sending laser beams down tubes at a mirror, which bounces them back, will detect gravitational waves some several trillion miles away. Not only does it detect waves 1.3 billion light years away, these genius oracles can tell us EXACTLY what causes the wave.

Who needs binoculars or a telescope when you got these MacGyvers with a ball point pen, a laser beam, some bubble gum, and a mirror.

For one thing, laser beams travelling down tubes don't know outer space exists. Come on.

It looks as fake as it sounds! Imagine believing beams travelling in tubes, unaware of the outside world, will detect waves from that distance, and somehow, these geniuses know the exact cause.

Check the Wiki Article:

Einstein invents the theory of relativity in the early 1900's. By the 60's scientists conveniently dream up LIGO. By 2015 they have it built. By 2016, just one year later, they have their gravitational wave! Something smells fishy to me.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Debating Gravity and Falling Objects

The BBC video above is to prove heavy and light objects fall at the same time in a vacuum. This is a similar condition to outer space, except of course with gravity. We would have to believe BBC, and expect the footage to be original, and not some kind of doctored propaganda campaign. 

You may have noticed the height of the drop in the video above is not very high.

I did catch an anomaly in the footage. Watch closely at 3:24. You will see the frame freeze, and hitch, when the host is pointing at the computer screen. If they are watching objects free fall, and did not touch the footage, why would this happen? The best explanation would be a glitch in their own software while viewing for the BBC camera.

The video above proves beyond a shadow of a doubt larger objects fall at greater speeds here on earth. Notice that the height at which the objects were dropped is much higher than in the first video. This will be crucial to our understanding of the BBC footage, considering the information to follow.

Next we see video where objects may land at same time from short distances.

The guy above pushes the typical scientific idea that lighter and heavier objects fall at the same time.

This video also drops items from a low height, while saying they have the same acceleration.

Who brought us this principal? Galileo.

We find this principal reinforced in the article below, and also an explanation as to why heavier objects seem to fall faster.

"However, in the real world, we have things like air resistance, which is why sometimes heavy things do fall faster."

Eric Dubay holds fast to the idea the earth is flat and that there is no such force as gravity. He states buoyancy is the cause of  all objects falling and  rising. A denser object will fall faster, because it is heavier. Lighter objects fall slower, because they are lighter. Helium floats because it is lighter than air.

Funny enough, this is the exact explanation given by science.

A balloon will float to the surface of water, because it is lighter than water. Helium will float because it is lighter than air. - paraphrased information.

We see through common science, more often than not, that buoyancy is the answer.

Common to those who believe in gravity is that all objects have gravity. The truth from science is that all objects are not floating, they are falling through space. Orbital bodies are falling around each other. Our understanding of objects having mass means space itself is NOT, and never will be, zero gravity. According to science this gravity is caused by mass. Particles have mass. Space, not being a perfect vacuum, has particles.

This proves the BBC propaganda video to be a fraudulent hoax.

The man says "It's a miracle." Now I will prove why they are lying, and it is no miracle.

1) It's impossible to pump out all the air from their chamber.
2) They have not removed particle mass, which must exist in every particle in the chamber.
3) They only dropped the objects from a few meters, thus not being effective, and setting grounds for their bias.
4) We have proved that restrictions, such as air, particles, will slow falling objects.

Because of what we proved, we KNOW if they dropped the objects from a greater height, they would not have landed at the same time. It's impossible. These guys are liars.

I left this comment, which will likely disappear:

I'm not trying to disprove gravity, but shed light on lies, and false science. It's funny that what they're trying to prove, the conditions they're trying to invent to prove it, don't even exist. They don't even exist in outer space, where they are trying to prove it for! It's all ludicrous.

This isn't to say their science is, or isn't, off by miles. It does show that they are willing to lie, and lie blatantly. It also proves they are wrong, and theories they treat as Godly, such as Newtons laws, are mostly based on a modal that does not, and will not exist.

How wrong they are, we may never know.

For fun, lets explore some interesting words from Nichola Testla, which were publicized in a paper.

He found time while surveying his own past to express his sharp disagreement with the theories of Prof. Albert Einstein. He announced that the theory of relativity is "a mass of error and deceptive ideas and opposed to common sense," and that "not a single one of the relativity propositions has been proved."

Columbine Shooting: Exploring Stories

"Brian Rohrbough has said he believes his son was shot accidentally by a Denver police officer, not by Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold, the two student gunmen blamed for the 1999 shooting spree."

Nicholas Kunselman's Cold Case

Stephanie Lynn Hart's Cold Case

Four shooters in the video above. The description on that video is interesting.

The video above covers Columbine shooting footage. School cameras allegedly show mussel flashes after Eric and Dylan's alleged suicide at 12:08PM.

Alleged shooting victim turned whistle blower.

The video above is hard to verify. The first stories from Mark are him telling about his shooting which happened in a doorway just inside the school. He makes no mention of a shooter on the roof, while in the hospital. It's hard to understand where he found time to see this shooter.

The message above is from Mark's mother. Apparently allegations of Sodomy rape concerning a sheriff and the kids has surfaced.

The following site is dedicated to families seeking answers concerning Columbine.

Collombine Family Request

Even our favorite alleged shill sold out insider is on it:


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dinosaurs a Hoax (Conspiracy)

Eric Dubay is dubious with false religion, but makes an interesting claim in the video above. Also, with great thanks from me, has at least mentioned biblical hope in this video. We place it in the conspiracy section, as we are still looking into it, and certainly don't have the necessary proof to validate his claims.

Outstandingly the video states all real bones are hidden behind vaults, and no independent researcher has ever seen a real dinosaur bone.

The following article describes an alleged find of Sophie, the most intact stegosaurus ever found. Interestingly it's name parallels that of a false God, Sophia.

Why are bones being found in recent time, and by mass, during the craze of evolution? Since people had been going back and forth on the earth for thousands of years, we would assume bones would have been discovered long ago.

Consider Sophie, above, being found in  Red Canyon Ranch, Wyoming, in 2003. There have been people in America over 300 years, and Wyoming had a population of a half a million in 2015. In defence of possibilities, Red Canyon is rather large, and sparsely populated.

The Chinese have been recording "dragon bones" for a very long time. Is it possible dragon bones unearthed in ancient China were actually dinosaur bones? Seems highly plausible.

We also have a biblical verse:

Job 40:17 Its tail sways like a cedar; the sinews of its thighs are close.

Eric makes the claim that complete dinosaurs have not been found, which is true, but near complete dinosaurs have been allegedly found.

Zhenyuanlong Suni

Discovered in Liaoning, China. The problem is, the creature above is bird type, and reconstructed like so:

If dinosaurs were a hoax, the find above is of the type bird. It may not even be able to be placed in a dinosaur category, for obvious reasons.

Sadly, a biblical verse, along with science has done little to disprove a hoax. Even if strange birds did exist, and large creatures, it doesn't prove, or disprove, dinosaurs in the extent we are taught of them.

We'll be doing more evidence digging, and searching for clues. Feel free to let us know if you have any other information on this matter. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Satellites Fake

I don't subscribe to the entire flat earth theory, or do I? Who knows, but this video certainly raises some good questions.  If there are so many satellites in space, how the heck does the ISS avoid them? One would think satellites make ISS missions impossible, or incredibly dangerous. Check out the video for more details.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner - Used To Be A Man

Caitlyn Jenner. Yup, she used to be a man. Time to clean your conscience gentlemen.

Russian Ambassador Shot

Image courtesy of jpost

Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov was allegedly shot in Ankara art gallery, by an off duty Turkish officer, on Monday. Many are calling the incident a hoax, or false flag. It's interesting how the event is laid out in Google images, for all to see.

Andrei Karlov Shooting - Google Images

One of the most interesting aspects of the image above, is that Andrei Karlov seems to have lost very little blood. Most victims of gunshots wounds lose a lot of blood.

The following video is a conspiratorial look at the incident.

According to Telegraph UK, and multiple other sources, Andrei Karlov was shot several times in the back.

"Mr Karlov was several minutes into a speech at the launch of an exhibition of photography about Russia when the gunman opened fire, shooting him several times in the back."

(Click to enlarge.)

The image above shows little evidence of blood, let alone exit wounds.

Turkish police have allegedly detained 6 people in relation to the incident.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

James Alefantis - Pizza Gate Interview

Truth Media Revolution takes a closer look at James Alefantis, of Comet Ping Pong. What do you think? Is the man at the heart of allegedly WikiLeaks scripted conspiracy, Pizzagate, a guilty party? Hopefully we learn more, as the story unfolds. Beware of fake news sharks in the mainstream. Many have died this conspiracy with the agenda to hinder and halt truthers, and other conspiracy fans.

Antarctica - Solved and Apologies

This conspiracy, or should I say non conspiracy, has been solved. Blasts of warm wind flow through the Bering Strait. That's what happens when you're minds on the conspiracies of the world 24/7. You win some, and you lose some. We have to sincerely apologies for misleading posts, and remove our YouTube video. We'll also remove misleading blog posts.

Sorry for misleading our readership. We were certain we were on to something new.

Now back to exposing real conspiracies.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sinking The ISS - More Evidence of Fraud

The ISS supposedly travels 766 kilometers per second through the most hazardous place known to man. It shares space with satellites, and space debris, all moving at break neck speeds of 17,000 plus kilometers an hour. Imagine being an astronaut! Literally, anything could kill you, in any second, and you wouldn't know what hit you.

These guys don't care.

Look out man! Space rocks and satellites!

Forget shrapnel and flying debris. Has anyone taken a second to consider the heat of the thermosphere? Particles in the thermosphere reach an upward of 2000 degrees Celsius. It's difficult to argue heat cannot  pass through the ISS if it passes through particles at all. If particles in the thermosphere are known to reach these temperatures, what is keeping the ISS, all it's circuitry, and any astronaut on a space walk from boiling? What's keep satellites from melting? Heck, this must be a tad bit rough on geostationary satellites.

Flat Earth Revisited: Breaking Revelations

The above video goes over interesting flat earth information. NASA admits several times to only being able to fly in low earth orbit. Red Stick Blog doesn't subscribe to every statement in the video, but some is certainly worth checking out. Earlier posts reported warnings that flat earth could be a psyop to make truthers look bad, but because of the nature of the world, it's difficult to tell what is, and isn't, a spyop. It's equally difficult to tell who, and who isn't, an agent. We find it best to present all information, and all  warnings we can, and let people think for themselves.

Monday, December 12, 2016

NASA - More Fakery

The video above is comprised of NASA and space research. It's pretty good during the first hour. In the last half hour you'll find sling-sat, a must see, if you like comedy. There should be a bit of a warning here. There is some language exercised, so be warned if that bothers you.

Sling-Sat: Ludicrous Space Odysseys

The image above is an estimated number of Satellites orbiting space. Commander Scott Kelly could care less, because he is donning his space rover, and taking a flight. Nothing stops the brave souls of NASA.

See it, up in the top right corner!? A real-live space craft, as photographed by ISS, while flying over the Nile!

Check out space debris images by NASA and Daily Mail.

The second image are REAL estimates, claiming each object is a piece of space junk. Never mind satellites, space debris flying as fast as a speeding bullet is your worst enemy in the dangerous cosmos beyond earth. Of course, that was before Sling-Slat, designed by the good folks at Texas A&M University.