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Elisa Lam - Complete Media Overview

Elisa Lam. We’ve all heard of the tragic event. A young girl from Canada found in the water tank of the infamous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. This topic is buzzed about in mainstream media, and talked about by theorists, who try desperately to search her blogs and web content to solve the mystery of what happened. I’ve done the same thing, but after looking into it, I think the opposite is true. We may not be trying to find out what happened, but rather, we may be trying to find out what didn’t happen.

These two pictures appear on the web. Validity of the right most picture is hard to confirm, but lets break them down anyway. The girl on the right is brighter, more lit up naturally. Her chin is more narrow. Her mouth is thinner, and her lower lip is fatter. When comparing the photos the teeth are most striking to the eye. The girl on the left has large front teeth, while her other teeth are like little chompers. The girl on the right has extremely different teeth, with different shade. Its might not be enough, what if the right photo was never her to begin with. Lets look at the elevator photo.

Even this photo, does not look like the same girl. The face is chubbier, and hard to get a positive match. Publications claim that “clothes like these.” were found in the water tank with her. What do you mean, clothes like these? They can’t make a simple ID on clothes after a couple of weeks? This should be simple.

She has a blog. Nouvelle/Neveau.

Question. Why was her blog posting until December 2013? Her body was discovered in February. Mainstream has claimed que, or that her phone has been stolen. Her phone was not recovered. Okay, so deeper question. Do we believe this question cannot be answered? We know tumblr is a world class platform. I assume they clock IP addresses and likely store latest IP per post and login. Tumblr and law enforcement could EASILY find out what IP was last associated with the account, and how the posts are made. Her phone wasn't found? Well that's a no brainier. We know in 2013 EVERY phone can be traced and triangulated via many methods. They even pinpointed Toni Anderson's last phone pings near Platte Park, where she would later be found in the Missouri River. Not hard. So why is law enforcement holding back information? Simple answer, they KNOW if someone is using her phone and where it was last used? This should not be a question on Wiki as to whether or not the posts were made via que or a stolen phone. Lets just face it. They know where the phone went dead, if it's being used, and can find out exactly how blog posts are being made to her account. I'm a beginning mysql programmer, and I'm competent enough for all these things, which is why I HIGHLY question Google mysteriously not being able to keep track of simple number counts, but that's another topic.
Where is her family? Elisa apparently has a father, mother, and sister. David and Yinna Lam are parents, while Sarah Lam is her sister. No searches bring up a picture of David that I could find, but the image above shows mother and sister according to CTV news. The sister gets suspicious, at least in my own opinion.
We hear of a court case but no proof it ever took place. No news videos of mother or father talking about their allegations against Cecil Hotel? The parents are silent. They don’t exist, aside from a couple of pictures, and a few mainstream media mentions, it seems they don’t exist. Do they exist?
What substantiates any of them exist? While, oddly, the answer is not much.

We have a claim of Alex Ristea knowing Elisa, but the only place he is mentioned is mainstream news, all showing the same quote. A man with the same name shared a post on her. He has very psychotic eyes, just saying, maybe find out where he was that month.

He reviews fiction. A literature buff. I wonder if fiction is a key word here. If this is what I’m beginning to think it could be, than this would make a lot of sense. There are symbols and signs at every corner, notes hidden in the art.

University of British Columbia spokesman Randy Schmidt confirmed that Lam had attended summer school at the university, but was not enrolled that year. Strange, Wiki claims she is/was a student that year. She was dropping classes, so obviously, there are problems getting the facts straight. That could just be Wiki, although we know Wiki is controlled. Try editing something substantial with truth. Anything relevant will not be accepted. The truth will vanish.

Proof? Prove it to yourself.

Adam Wieshaupt, founder of Illuminati. The Wiki page states "It's unlikely Illuminati influence continued after his exile." Check the dates of his books, most written during his exile. Dare you to update his page to say, "Since most of his books were written in exile, it's unlikely to believe some Illuminati influence hasn't been precipitated after his exile." What do you think happens?

Okay, but what about Randy Schmidt. Acting as university spokesperson he claims Elisa Lam existed and was there for a summer course, although the claim of her not having courses that year contradicts Wiki. Same here, Schmidt's comment is only confirmed by mainstream media. Would be nice to see a post made by Schmidt, but I cannot claim it doesn't exist. One video on all YouTube suggests a Randy Schmidt exists at UBC. A senior editor, it calls him. I have no idea how universities work, but why is the news department acting as a spokesperson as to whether or not someone took a class at the school?

Sarah Lam, another confirmed witness with seemingly no history. The sister of alleged Elisa Lam. A Twitter account shows up under her name. We can all make those. Fake subscribers to make it look bloated are a dime a dozen, well 10,000 for $10 really. There's a website. Sarah Lam Beauty. Her sister is a cosmetic expert. Search Sarah Lam on YouTube. Is it odd nearly a dozen accounts pop up immediately, but none are her? All of them Asian, with under 5 subscribers, most with 1 video? For me, the first is an all seeing eye profile pic. Designed results? I feel strangely like I'm facing a bunch of sock puppet accounts. 1 subscriber 1 video. What the heck, twilight zone?

Look at the "about page" on her site:

Is that big chick her, the one doing the makeup? But, wait a minute, that doesn't match the profile pic on the Twitter. At all. It doesn’t even match the photo of her with her mother Yinna. Check the image title on her about page. Sarah+Lam+Makeup+Coverimage.

Her portfolio is extensive, looks like she should be famous, well known for makeup. Or is it fake? Can her name be found associated with any of the wedding shows she is claimed to have participated in? A quick Google search doesn't show any listings in meta data.

Google search the company. Sarah Lam Beauty. By the fourth page all information obscures into oblivion. Where does it initially exist? Nowhere apparently. The company website itself, and a few websites anyone can sign up on to promote their company. Yelps. Etsy. Ect.

One website claims to have made her business cards. Real deal, or attempt to make sock puppet accounts look real? Obviously you need something to pull of a psyop. A psyop wouldn’t be a psyop without a few believable cherries on top. Well, if you're brave, there's a number on the card. One call may or may not crack the case.

Google the phone number. Largely un-unused, not even a page in the results linking it to Sarah Lam, not even the page comes up with the business card
The following video must prove something has happened, right? Someone filed a lawsuit:

The lawsuit is filed over taste of water. Was this taste really attributed to a body, or was something put in the tank to produce a rancid taste? Was there even a lawsuit? Don't even know those people.
Okay, so back to Sarah’s site. Check out the portfolio section. Her photos are professional quality. She has wedding photos, some with 20 some girls in it. Apparently she has done makeup for shows. What are the odds this company would be so obscure?

They link her Instagram on site:

Hm, another profile image, interesting, this seems to be the 3rd Sarah Lam profile pic, with yet another Asian chick. How many Sarah Lams are there? Can I prove it? No, but my eyes are telling me these are different girls. Again, this is my own opinion based on exploration.

Pinterest? Sure thing:

Hm, no profile picture. That's professional. What's the odds of that? Prestigious profile that might make hopeful vogue beauticians jealous, but no profile on Pinterest. For a makeup artist, looking for fame, yet having a large portfolio, I'm finding this odd. Where's her YouTube account? Where's her personal makeup tips videos? Where's her videos period? Where's her photos? No photo of herself other than Twitter profile and Instagram profile and they don't even match in my opinion!

Lets get nitty gritty on website design.

She has a blog:

One entry, with 2 comments. This is the page it goes to when you click the entry.

Wow, 2 comments that do NOT exist. Even the code is fake. How do I know? I can code. Look at the HTML for the link that should go to the comments. <br /> <pre><a class="entry-comments" href="" title="Comments"> 2 Comments </a> </pre>
The link goes to a fake anchor on the same page, not to comments. Not even to a different page.

I'm ready to throw in the towel on this one. I'm almost 100% set on saying this event does NOT exist in reality. It seems it only exists in the mind we call mainstream media. This has been expressed before, but make your own decisions. This is only flesh deep research and a personal opinion. I don't think these guys care about getting caught.

What is the reason? I don't know. If it really is a conspiracy there has been one good explanation: a possible cover up for a biological attack on Skid Row/LA. There was a tuberculosis outbreak and extremely odd, is the fact that a test kid released around the same time has been named LAM-ELISA.

Are there other good reasons? Well, if we're dealing with higher powers who knows what they're thinking, right? Sell movies, make media, test their influence, ect, ect. Power rituals, the list goes on. We'll never know in this life. If it's a fake event, they're not sending out the memo. You just have to figure it out.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Weather Modification: The Real Kind

Sorry for the previous blunder, and I do apologize. I totally tricked myself. Hey, it happens. The tinfoil hat WILL play tricks on you. However, the show must go on. I've gathered some information about weather modification. Not the kind developed on the moon with secret black ops technology. The kind developed here on earth and admitted to by the government.

Be careful about some of the messages in the video above. I'll admit that it's a bit wonky, but you will see the government admitting fully to using HARP to mess with the ionosphere.

Not sure about HAARP controlling recent hurricanes, but the video above explains ELF waves ability to steer hurricanes.

Feel free to learn more by researching HAARP, weather engineering, and ionosphere manipulation by searching YouTube.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Toni Anderson - Boat Ramp Theory

We're going to take a look at the pros and cons of the police's initial boat ramp theory, and see if it can logically work out. This is also the theory her parents seemed to have accepted the most, considering their media appearances. I crunched some numbers, and checked out the weather. It can work, in the purest scientific sense, but by the end of this article it will seem a lot less likely.

The following are stats from the time frame and according to needed science.

Time Frame Stats
Current: 7mph or 3 meters per second.
Average sink time: 30 seconds to 2 minutes
Possible sink time travel: 90 meters to 360 meters.
Car window: Down
Seat belt: Off.

The river was flowing 7 miles per hour, or 3 meters per second. The average car sinks in 20 seconds to 2 minutes. A car can travel about 90 meters to 360 meters in this amount of time on 3 meter per second currents. Ms Anderson had 30 seconds to 40 seconds to escape her car according to pure science. However, for the record, pure science is not how life works, ever.

The following is an image of Platte. There are two yellow pins. The first is where the the car allegedly entered at the boat ramp and the second is where the car was retrieved from the water. The yellow line is the full possible 2 minute travel distance of about 360-380 meters. We see that a car moving without resistance could travel quite a distance. This is of course, scientifically speaking only.

Lets take a look at a raft in the water.

The first thing to note is how shallow the water is. There is a small boat with young people in it, just off the ramp. Their paddles are still reaching bottom a couple meters meters out.

Time Stamp: 1:57

The second boat is notable. It's at 2:12. This boat can be seen until 2:47 where the screen transitions. In this amount of time the boat travels about 10-12 meters, verifiable by Google Earth ruler.

Time Stamp: 2:12

This is the minimum sink time of a car. 30 seconds. It did not travel 140 meters. 10 meters max. In the full sink time, of 2 minutes, the boat would have traveled only 40 meters. It would have taken the boat 8 minutes to get to the retrieval point.

A car with window down, seat belt off? Either her car was moving break neck speeds with no resistance, or it has the longest float time of any vehicle, without filling with water.

Now that this is cleared, lets be honest. What are the chances Toni's car broke records, and nestled up against a black SUV? Or is it more likely that she ended up in someone's dump site, be that a law enforcement officer, or not?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Toni Anderson - Lies and Misinformation

I've decided to create a second blog about the Toni Anderson case, because I simply can't believe the amount of injustice perpetrated by the North Kansas City Police Department. It's important the world hear about their absolute lack of integrity, and how this poor girl's case was treated. There's too much ignorance to ignore.

Toni Anderson went missing on January 15th, 2017. Her car was recovered 140 meters east of Platte Park Boat Landing in the Missouri River. Team Watters Sonar, reached out to the Anderson family, and ended up locating her car, along with a black SUV in The Missouri River. Police say the SUV is unrelated, but we'll never know.

 The Injustice

The following is an outline of all the injustices we could find. It seems that each media installment came with a lie. We'll cover them below.

Initial Stop

Police had initially denied Toni Anderson was pulled over, but have admitted she was stopped by a North Kansas City officer that night.

Video Footage
In the following video the examiner mentions the officer pulling up behind Ms Anderson during the police stop over her “improper lane change.” She is issued a warning.

The most important statement in the video, at the following link, is that she pulls away from the gas station alone.

Police contradict this in the following video.

In a Crime Watch Daily video we're told Toni Anderson was followed by the police vehicle when she left the gas station.

 Time Stamped Link

GPS Tracking Lie

“Kansas City police say the GPS tracking device installed in Toni's car has not helped in the search. Officers say the device tracks the car's speed, not its location.
- KWCH12

Interesting, so it's a Global Positioning System that doesn't know how to do it's job. Sure. 

This lie from police is contradicted in the same Crime Watch Daily video. The officer states the GPS pinged its last ping at the gas station, where the officer watched Toni get gas. We catch them in another lie.

Time Stamp Link


The North Kansas City Police officer is found to have been moving in an opposite direction in "unreleased surveillance video." 

Call To Action

The Kansas City Police have been caught in lie after lie. The officer in question has been placed in the location of her last GPS transmission, and was seen following her up the road. She was never seen, or heard from, again. After so many lies no officer deserves to get off the hook on hearsay evidence alone. There is too much room for corruption.
  • Was he a rogue cop?
  • Did a corrupt group of cops get put in charge of this case?
  • Is the current chief of the precinct trustworthy? 
Message the North Kansas City Police and demand they release body cam, dash cam, and all surveillance videos pertaining to the Toni Anderson case. Also ask that they re-investigate the officer in question.

NKC Police Chief

Feel free to comment, and reply. Also sharing this would be a great help. Please spread it on your FaceBook, Twitter, or Google Plus. We seek true justice for Toni Anderson, even if it means the officer can be cleared and it was an accident. If not, we need criminal charges on all officers involved in a coverup.

More details on the incident at:

Friday, April 14, 2017

Toni Anderson (Found In Car) Every Detail

First I have to say this sleuthing was inspired by John Lordan, who does some pretty good work when it comes to covering stories. He has a series known as BrainScratch. John covered Ms. Anderson's case in good detail, sparking my interest. Thank you John, for your amazing work. We may not always see eye to eye on theories, but I appreciate what he puts into his series.

I also came across a blog that implemented cops in this case, and thought the writer was being awful at times. He did a lot of conspiracy, with what seemed like no verifiable facts. He was put off from the shunning of the Anderson family, but I urgently want to say, as a conspiracy person myself, that sometimes, some of these people's hearts are in the right place. Please consider the following information, as a more, humane, and suitable source. This was not written without care for the case, and for justice.

 Ms. Anderson, a 20 year old hostess at Chrome, had finished work in Kansas City, Missouri, Around 4am on January 15th. She was driving to meet friends, possibly a man, as sources say. During the short trip she was stopped by highway patrol, which seemed to be somewhat of a frequent occurrence for Ms Anderson.

Roxanne Townsend, one of her good friends received an SMS text, from her phone, at 4:42am.

“Omg just just pulled over again”

Oddly, Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) denied Ms. Anderson had been stopped by one of its officers.

Some speculate she had been kidnapped and murdered by police, or somebody impersonating an officer. Personally, I'm wondering if she wasn't murdered by a police officer myself.

Eventually a highway patrol officer came forward from North City Kansas Police, saying he had pulled over Ms. Anderson in a black 2014 Ford Focus, on the 9-Highway, after an "improper lane change."

Ms Anderson's text:

From there, one story states, she ended up at a boat launch at Platte Landing Park, on the Missouri River. Her mother thinks she was in a tizzy after being pulled over. This seems a bit of an over reaction for a simple stop with a warning, especially for someone who had been stopped before. Police think she somehow accidentally slid down the ramp. This seems harmless enough, and completely possible. Accidents happen, we all know this to be true, but was it an accident? The story seems much darker.

The image above shows how long the boat launch is. A car would roll down this very slowly. A quick thinker would be able to put their car in the reverse gear and floor it. Was the grip visible that night, was there ice? The car could have been going so slow when it hit the water that it could have hung on the lip of the bank.This is just speculation.

Not only is Platte not in the direction she told the officer she was going, she was completely out of the way. Nowhere near where she should have been to get to any known destination, according to currently released information. There is no explanation given for Ms. Anderson traveling down this side road. Why was she even there?

When the car was retrieved, it was not near the ramp. Rather, 140 meters down river. This can be verified with Google Earth, including the direction of flow, considering sea level.

The map above shows the boat launch to the left. The retrieval point to the east, south of the circular area to the north. The circular area is only marked as a reference. Many were confused about the retrieval area, but I was able to pinpoint the exact location through source referencing. Lets dig a little deeper, to show you I know what I'm talking about.

As you can tell, my reference can't be off by more than a few meters.

A black SUV was pulled out of the same location by police on the same day, before Ms. Anderson's car was located by a privately hired sonar team. There is total silence on the SUV. They have not said if a body was found in it, who it belonged to, or released any other media coverage on it. All they said was they believed it was unrelated. It's really hard to say if this is a dumping site for someone, but it's very odd. I'd also like to note that dumping and empty SUV near a crime scene is a very, very, clever way of confusing an investigation.

"Dennis Watters of Watters Sonar & Recovery said divers were looking in the area where they found Anderson's car because it was near where her phone last pinged. They had to bring professional divers out to the site because of how strong the current is. Watters also said Anderson's car was found upright underwater."

The car is badly damaged for being found upright. If the car was upright in the water, and entered from the boat launch, that means it likely drifted, and landed on its wheels. I'm not sure how the car could receive so much damage from such a light entrance. It had to be caused from retrieval, or during her trip into the water. Only one of these can be true, and someone should find out. A trip down the embankment, rather than the boat launch, can only result a few ways. She had an accident, and rolled down the embankment, she was ran off the road, her car was pushed in some way, or she drove off.

Her boyfriend has expressed skepticism of some kind.

"It's just too easy for someone to get rid of a car, it's 24/7 all access and there's no gate covering it," Sanchez said, describing a boat landing dock not far from where Anderson's car was found."

The video below gives circumstantial evidence that the officer did not point her towards a gas station, but followed her there, and was there when she pumped gas.

(Video can only be viewed on YouTube)

The surveillance video shows the police officer waiting there while she fills up. The officer didn't tell her she could go get gas, according to Crime Watch, the cop was THERE when the GPS was turned off.

"I know that when she started the car the GPS was no longer transmitting."

Someone needs to find out if he knows for a fact the GPS stopped working before, or after she came back.This is information they have such simple access to. I'm going to tell you right now, they know for a fact, and possibly to the millisecond, when that GPS shut off.

"GPS tracking: The device fits into the vehicle and captures the GPS location information apart from other vehicle information at regular intervals to a central server. Other vehicle information can include fuel amount, engine temperature, altitude, reverse geocoding, door open/close, tire pressure, cut off fuel, turn off ignition, turn on headlight, turn on taillight, battery status, GSM area code/cell code decoded, number of GPS satellites in view, glass open/close, fuel amount, emergency button status, cumulative idling, computed odometer, engine RPM, throttle position, GPRS status and a lot more. Capability of these devices actually decide the final capability of the whole tracking system; most vehicle tracking systems, in addition to providing the vehicle's location data, feature a wide range of communication ports that can be used to integrate other on board systems, allowing to check their status and control or automate their operation."

 From Ford, the maker of Ms Anderson's brand:

"Ford's global vice president of marketing and sales, Jim Farley, said that the No. 2 U.S. automaker knows "everyone who breaks the law, we know when you're doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you're doing," according to the report. "By the way, we don't supply that data to anyone."

Note - how can they know if you're breaking the law? Unless he's over bragging the product, that sounds like audio and video included. Someone should find out.

Even Deeper

A glimpse into ready buyable GPS trackers.

"Super Trackstick is designed to be concealed inside of the vehicle, allowing you to record the complete travel activities of your vehicle... anywhere... anytime. Automatically keep track of your vehicle including it's location, stops, length of stop, miles driven, speed, and more."

  • View maps and reports. Street level mapping

 An example of data

Ford has installed a sophisticated devices into Toni Anderson's car. Police are not being honest. I'm not sure if media would help cover up a crime or not. In this world, it really depends on who, and why. The police know everything, including times. They could match the times from the GPS, check the times with the ATM clock, and they know to the second when this GPS stopped. They could EASILY find out if it was while she was in the store or not. And more importantly, while he was watching her fill up.

If they are hiding something for the officer that pulled her over, someone should dig a little deeper. This family, if this case goes this empty, needs to open a law suit. They deserve the truth, the full truth, as does all that seek justice in this case. Toni Anderson deserves to have the truth brought to light.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mars Hoax

The video above shows some interesting information, and alleges fake NASA activity in Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada.

Hubble - Fake Mars

That's an image of Mars from Hubble. Notice the snow. Mars apparently has a permanent carbon dioxide cap on the south pole. Whatever that looks like.

Of course I don't see much of a cap on this image from Hubble.

It's really snowy in that picture. That's the best one yet. In fact, I think that's the most snow Mars had in decades of Hubble history.

Yeah, apparently Mars has a massive crater on the northern pole, called Planum Boreum. You wouldn't know it from looking at some images.

There it is. Thanks Wiki.

There it is. It's really visible in 1999.

Last I checked rock and sand couldn't create precipitation for snow.

I have this feeling EVERY Mars image on the Hubble website is 3D.

A giant telescope can't take one real image?