Monday, April 17, 2017

Toni Anderson - Lies and Misinformation

I've decided to create a second blog about the Toni Anderson case, because I simply can't believe the amount of injustice perpetrated by the North Kansas City Police Department. It's important the world hear about their absolute lack of integrity, and how this poor girl's case was treated. There's too much ignorance to ignore.

Toni Anderson went missing on January 15th, 2017. Her car was recovered 140 meters east of Platte Park Boat Landing in the Missouri River. Team Watters Sonar, reached out to the Anderson family, and ended up locating her car, along with a black SUV in The Missouri River. Police say the SUV is unrelated, but we'll never know.

 The Injustice

The following is an outline of all the injustices we could find. It seems that each media installment came with a lie. We'll cover them below.

Initial Stop

Police had initially denied Toni Anderson was pulled over, but have admitted she was stopped by a North Kansas City officer that night.

Video Footage
In the following video the examiner mentions the officer pulling up behind Ms Anderson during the police stop over her “improper lane change.” She is issued a warning.

The most important statement in the video, at the following link, is that she pulls away from the gas station alone.

Police contradict this in the following video.

In a Crime Watch Daily video we're told Toni Anderson was followed by the police vehicle when she left the gas station.

 Time Stamped Link

GPS Tracking Lie

“Kansas City police say the GPS tracking device installed in Toni's car has not helped in the search. Officers say the device tracks the car's speed, not its location.
- KWCH12

Interesting, so it's a Global Positioning System that doesn't know how to do it's job. Sure. 

This lie from police is contradicted in the same Crime Watch Daily video. The officer states the GPS pinged its last ping at the gas station, where the officer watched Toni get gas. We catch them in another lie.

Time Stamp Link


The North Kansas City Police officer is found to have been moving in an opposite direction in "unreleased surveillance video." 

Call To Action

The Kansas City Police have been caught in lie after lie. The officer in question has been placed in the location of her last GPS transmission, and was seen following her up the road. She was never seen, or heard from, again. After so many lies no officer deserves to get off the hook on hearsay evidence alone. There is too much room for corruption.
  • Was he a rogue cop?
  • Did a corrupt group of cops get put in charge of this case?
  • Is the current chief of the precinct trustworthy? 
Message the North Kansas City Police and demand they release body cam, dash cam, and all surveillance videos pertaining to the Toni Anderson case. Also ask that they re-investigate the officer in question.

NKC Police Chief

Feel free to comment, and reply. Also sharing this would be a great help. Please spread it on your FaceBook, Twitter, or Google Plus. We seek true justice for Toni Anderson, even if it means the officer can be cleared and it was an accident. If not, we need criminal charges on all officers involved in a coverup.

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