Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hubble - Fake Mars

That's an image of Mars from Hubble. Notice the snow. Mars apparently has a permanent carbon dioxide cap on the south pole. Whatever that looks like.

Of course I don't see much of a cap on this image from Hubble.

It's really snowy in that picture. That's the best one yet. In fact, I think that's the most snow Mars had in decades of Hubble history.

Yeah, apparently Mars has a massive crater on the northern pole, called Planum Boreum. You wouldn't know it from looking at some images.

There it is. Thanks Wiki.

There it is. It's really visible in 1999.

Last I checked rock and sand couldn't create precipitation for snow.

I have this feeling EVERY Mars image on the Hubble website is 3D.

A giant telescope can't take one real image? 

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