Friday, January 13, 2017

Rockets In Space

Will rockets work in space? That is the question.

Many people have been trying to prove that rockets will not work in space. The argument is back and forth, on the premise of whether or not rocket engines need atmosphere to create the needed thrust.

The video above shows us that helicopters will most certainly not work in space. Since there is no air, there can be no lift.

Although rocket engines are said to work differently, the video above suggests atmosphere is still needed.

Argument: The engine combustion pushes on the inside of the engine, pushing the rocket forward, no atmosphere needed.

The problem is. When you put a vacuum cleaner at the end of the straw, and take away the air, and out flowing energy, there is little to no movement. Also the paper taped on back causes problems.

If space sucks up the energy and out flowing thrust in all directions, and acts like a massive paper taped to the end of the rocket, will rockets fail in space?

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